Kev Curtis

Kev Curtis

Born in Woolwich, London

Lives & works in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.


Less posing: more real life


I like nothing better than being let loose with my camera, blending in with the crowd at a party or get-together and taking candid, but unobtrusive shots.  Too often, a pushy photographer can disrupt the flow, groove, and momentum of an event and even have it grind to a complete standstill whilst he/she directs guests into various groups and poses.  This, I don't do.  A collection of shots of people in groups posing and smiling at the lens tells you little of the event.  I have a reportage/journalistic approach to the occasion, with the end results being a realistic and uncontrived account of the event.  For a timeless feel I favour black and white, but obviously colour has its place when necessary.


A lot of the photos on this site are available to purchase  in various shapes and sizes from the store.

© 2020 Kev Curtis

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